“In 2050, some 9 billion people live well, and within the limits of the planet”.
WBCSD – Vision 2050

Ann Eva has been founded by two simple and pragmatic forces

The 2050 Vision of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development

The pathway to 2050 requires actions at many levels and by multiple stakeholders. If we believe that each of us should contribute, we believe that all companies have a major role to play as they have innovative solutions and the technological capabilities to help solve society’s big issues.

The sense of urgency

In 2050, our children currently attending classes in basic school will be the same age as the age of senior managers today.

Ann Eva’s purpose is to help organizations take actions today to make this vision tomorrow’s reality. We have made it our mission to disseminate sustainability metrics and tools as broadly as possible to leverage individual companies’ tangible contributions towards this vision.


Who we are

“A team is not a group of people who work together. A team is a group of people who trust each other.” Simon Sinek

Laurence Anjoras, MBA

Founder of Ann Eva, which is named after her two daughters – Eva and Annabelle. Next to being a mother, she is a friend, a daughter, a sister and a lot of other things.


Her purpose in life is to “enjoy the ride of life and plant the seeds for others to enjoy as well.”


In business, this very personal wakeup call translates into sharing 26 years of professional knowledge and corporate experience as a Corporate Sustainability Advisor and Global Marketing & Sales Executive. It further translates into putting her personal strengths and business skills at the service of organizations and individuals, who believe in growth when leaving one’s comfort zone.


She finds deep satisfaction in working hard, connecting, leading, organizing and motivating people from different cultural and professional backgrounds around common objectives and causes. Laurence enjoys solving problems in complex systems, highly regulated environments and translating ideas into business opportunities. She is a strong believer in the power of diversity – not only gender and culture but also in the sum of individuals’ uniqueness – to achieve better and meaningful results for business and community. She is regarded by her peers as a catalyst for change and trusting relationships.


Laurence recharges her batteries by cooking for family and friends, traveling, reading, swimming, visiting museums, art exhibitions and mentoring women. As a mother of two young girls, she strongly believes in women economic empowerment as a social stability factor and enjoys sharing the journey with women willing to discover and unleash their potential.


Finally, Ann Eva donates part of its proceeds to GlobalWomenConnect Ltd, a non-profit organization incorporated in Hong Kong active in women mentoring at global level.


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“If you want to be successful, respect one rule: never lie to yourself.” Paulo Coehlo


If Ann Eva is your navigator, you remain in the driver’s seat during your sustainability journey. In this respect, you will get the maximum benefit by entrusting the ride to results-oriented and curious team members genuinely driven by making a difference in the world. Ann Eva will guide you in defining the adequate profiles needed for performing the analytical assessment and for implementing and integrating the methodology through your processes.

“Everyone you will ever meet know something you do not.” Bill Nye

Knowledge Ambassadors

Ann Eva relies on a community of highly qualified senior professionals from different educational, professional and cultural backgrounds when in-depth industry or materiality knowledge is required for the journey. All the members of the community share Ann Eva’s vision and this same passion for putting their professional knowledge, experience, personal strengths and skills at the service of organizations and individuals.